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There Are Many Things That Go Into Caring For An Older Loved One And Sometimes Things Aren’t That Clear If It’s Your First Time Taking On These Challenges So...

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Santa Barbara Horizons

In A Nutshell, SBHorizons Is A Comprehensive Learning/Teaching Platform That Provide A Clear Set Of Choices For Those Seeking Senior And Caregiver Resources Across The Country.

SBHorizons Services

SBHorizons Offers A Remarkable Range Of Facilities And Services For The Older Adult And Caregiver. SBHorizons Has The Support You Need.

The SBH CareGivers Network

Hosted By SolutionM3, The Caregiver's Network & The Caregiver's Network ZoomBoard Provide The Much Needed Comradery And Strength For Our Labors Of Love. Learn More

The SBH Alzhiemer's Registry

Similar To The Amber Alert System, The SBHorizons Alzheimer's Registry Acts With Local Law Enforcement, Newscasters & Transportation Agencies To Find Your Loved One. Learn More

SBHorizons Is About Teaching & Learning

There is so much to know and learn at all stages of caregiving. New techniques are developed while documents are regularly updated. SBHorizons strives to provide the most current learning experiences available; whether administering convelesent care or maintaining documents. Quickly get the information you need about how to:

  • Use a Hoyer Lift
  • Roll and Bathe a Loved One
  • Itemize Tax Deductible Expenses
  • Prepare a Will, Trust or Power of Attorney
  • ...And Much More

SBHorizons produces videos and conducts online siminars (webinars) to make it easier for you to care for your loved one.

Services, Products & Reviews

SBHorizons discovers the latest information on services and recent products designed for the older adult and their caregiver.

  • SERVICES: Discover services for the older adult & caregiver
  • PRODUCTS: Learn of the latest products for older adults & seniors
  • REVIEWS: Read reviews of services & products designed for the caregiver & senior

To protect our community, product recalls and service complaints are listed on the SBHorizons Legal page.

Lobbying for Caregivers & Seniors

SBHorizons has strong partnerships with government administrators and various businesses to improve the quality of life for older adults and caregivers. SBHorizons....

  • proposes legislation and lobbies for seniors and caregivers
  • lists local, state and fed govt agencies that have seniors and caregivers departments
  • lists local, state and fed resources for seniors and caregivers
  • tracks initiatives, ballots and measures that effect seniors and caregivers

This section of the site also provides federal and state statistics on caregiving and aging.

CareGivers Get Peace Here

Caregiver's Cove covers all things associated with the giving of care for the older adult. Here are a few of the benefits that Caregiver's Cove provides:

  • Simple skills and techiniques to make the giving of care easier
  • The CareGiver's Network support forums
  • Caregiver Certification Program Via Horizons+

Cargiver's Cove is a safe haven with something for everyone at every level of caregiving.

Departments & Features

SBHorizons has departments & features that deliver rich interactive content that best serve the needs of our diverse community


Palliative Care

Hospice care is often provided by family at home along side a small team of professionals during a life debilitating illness. SBHorizons has the heart and the compassion to help navigate through these transition.

Discounts & Special Offers

And Classifieds

Seniors and caregivers deserve have so much to look forward to. From travel, lodging and restauants to health, beauty and wellness see the special offers and discounts especailly mapped out for the SBHorizons Community.

Calendar of Events

Let's Go!

The SBHorizons Calendar of Events lists happenings, online and in your community, that are designed for seniors and caregivers. Some may not be able to travel to an event because of distance or mobility issues so SBHorizons brings the event to you. Let's Go!

Vet of the Month

Meet Grandpa

Veteran of the Month honors those patriots who have served to protect the United States of America and its citizens. These honorable veterans are entitled to recognition for their bravery and SBHorizons thanks you for your service.

Your Stories

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....she pretended to be asleep and before I knew it she had disengaged the lock on her chair and was wheeling down the walkway. Fortunately, there are inclines built into the walkway for just such a mishap. But boy did she take me for a ride.

Report Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Is A Crime

SBHorizons raises awareness to protect older persons from physical, psychological, sexual or financial exploitation, neglect and abuse with particular emphasis to the risks faced by women. Learn to identify, support and empower older persons experiencing abuse.

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Horizons+ expands the SBHorizons platform for a more tailored and interactive experience

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Whether Changing Careers, Coming Out Of Retirement, Needing New Skills Or Want To Start Your Own Business, You Can Retool For What's Ahead With Horizons+.

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Leisure & The Arts

Music, Theater, Dance, Travel And Good Foods Improve The Quality Of Life For All People. SBHorizons Can Point Your Compass In The Right Direction For Leisure And The Arts.

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As A Member Of The Horizons+ Network You Can Review Products & Services, Participate In Focus Groups And Access 24/7 Video Chats For Immediate Caregiver Support.

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